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This course was extremely well integrated and presented in an easy to follow logical sequence. It is by for one of the best, if not the best, workshop I have taken from the NGH. The course book was well written and supported the lecture presentation. Instructor was knowledgeable and brought much practical insight to the topic.
William A. Roventine, MSc

Cal was very expert in his presentations. Knowledge base is sound. I will be using this information in my practice right away! I can see now that parts have been missing in my practice. Thanks Cal

Cal presents the course material in a professional and concise manner. The course material contains the answers to many of the questions I have experienced in my 8 years as a Hypnotherapist
Joe Packard, MS

A very provocative course! It challenged everything I know about hypnotherapy and its effectiveness. I feel confident about going back to my clients and really giving them what they are searching for. Extremely well organized manual and presentation. Stayed on track so that we covered everything we needed to learn.
Paula Anderson, CH

Absolutely awesome! God has really blessed you both. Keep up the good work! Anyone that asks me about becoming a hypnotherapist, I will send them to you!
Randy Cummings, CH

Second time around fostered so much greater insight! A great experience.
Martha Sofio, MSN

It was great to come back. I learned more information that I may have missed or forgotten from the first class. It was fun to help my peers practice. It helped me see how far I’ve come and they could relate to my being in their shoes just a few short months ago. Their praise for my skills boosted my confidence a great deal.
Debi Mckenzie, BA CADC

I'm impressed! Calvin Banyan teaches thoroughly and compassionately. His 5-PATH® approach to therapy is complete, concise, elegant and highly effective. I can't wait to implement it. And, if that wasn't enough, 7th Path Self-Hypnosis® is the crown jewel. 7th Path is for everyone, everyone, everyone! I got more personal process work accomplished in the short amount of time that I've had 7th Path (4 days in class) than in the last 6 months of everything else I've done. It is a daily practice I am eager to incorporate into my life. This stuff is GOLD!
Anne Shuman, BA CHt CNLPP

Also, despite the fact that I had no interest in learning 7th Path initially, I have been profoundly effected afterward, changed by its practice, and believe that it will be a major tool, too [In addition to 5-PATH®], in helping many people learn how to free themselves from the ravages of physical diseases by cleaning up unconscious conflicts, negative emotions and limiting beliefs.
Eric Robins, MD and author of Your Hands Can Heal You

I like the 7th Path™. It is holistic, spiritual but scientific. I have been doing self-hypnosis and meditation for years but I got more from my first few practices of 7th Path. I came for sharpening of my hypnotherapy skills, but I got something even more important, The 7th Path™.
Keith To, MBA PhD

I learned more than I ever imagined, Cal was tough which I liked because I was there to learn and I know I did. 7th Path is the most remarkable program I have ever gone thru. This course changed my life. I like his no-nonsense approach.
Nancy Matthews

This course has been a very well rounded and wonderful experience. I feel so fortunate to have trained under Cal, who’s obviously an expert in this area. The course is full of useful information that I can’t wait to try out. I learned so much. And 7th Path is awesome. This whole experience has been a “class act”. Thank you!
Cary Strycker, BS

I originally took the class 7 months ago, I am returning now after having practiced 5-PATH for a few months. This experience as a returning student has been invaluable to me. I picked up so much information that I missed the first time. I feel even more confident to go home and continue to use 5-PATH and I am even more excited to now teach 7th Path. Very valuable experience.
Terry Gurley, Indialantic, FL

When I came to this class I expected an intense week of dry/focused instruction on hypnosis. However, what I received was one gift after another: confidence, future expertise, knowledge, the 7th Path to personal freedom and empowerment and so much more! Cal presents the information in a way that makes the materials easily accessible and easily understood and applicable. You will leave with all the tools you need to recreate the 5-PATH® system or do a presentation as needed.
Miriam Goldstein, B.A., LMT, Huntington Station, NY

The course far exceeded my expectations although these were already high having seen the website and read the books. Cal is an exceptional teacher and his message is all the more powerful as it is rooted in his varied life experiences. I would advise anyone considering training in an advanced hypnotherapy to make sure they sign on for Cal's course. They will not regret it. Both 5-PATH® and 7th Path™ are life changing--without exaggeration. These are powerful tools of transformation.
Peter Newell, LLB (Law Degree), Certified Hypnotherapist, United Kingdom

This is a phenomenal life changing course that provides you with the proper tools to become an excellent hypnotherapist as it heals your own physical, mental and emotional imbalances along the way. Cal Banyan is a wonderful, intelligent, compassionate and sincere teacher, healer and leader. I recommend 5-PATH® and 7th Path™ combined as a leading state of the art therapy that really works.
Maya M. Caceres, Certified Hypnotherapist - New York

Without a doubt, this is the best course I have ever taken in hypnosis! The content was clearly presented and we were given many handouts for future reference! This course will definitely help me take my hypnosis business to a higher level. Cal is a phenomenal teacher! In addition the 7th Path has been a life changing experience for me!
Myrna F. Moxham, RN, BSN, CHBE, Certified Hypnotherapist - Delaware

This was my second time with this training. I learned more information this time around and it reaffirmed what I knew. It was great! I am a more effective hypnotherapist because I went through the training again.
Beth Keil, BSN, CHBE, Certified Hypnotherapist - Delaware

The second time is the charm. Having seen clients since the first time I took the class, I can fully appreciate and understand Cal's methods for seeing clients. Because of that, I was fully prepared and confident with my first clients. Cal is very inspirational, sincere and passionate in teaching hypnotherapy. He proves to be a Master of Hypnosis every time.
Edgar Malaran, BA, Certified Hypnotherapist - New York

The course is really great. 5-PATH® is a powerful systematic approach to hypnotherapy for permanent change. It is really beautiful in its simplicity. Cal teaches the method very thoroughly in an interesting and engaging style. In addition, the 7th Path instruction and practice provides an amazing transformational experience. It was well worth the price of the course. I left wanting more. I can't wait until Cal comes back to NY so I can repeat the course.
Cindy Briolotta, MA, MS, CMH, Certified Hypnotherapist - New York

Cal, your 5-PATH® makes so much sense. I had taken an age regression course with someone else years ago and they were definitely leaving out the very important pre-ISE phase. There was also no informed child technique which I realize now is very important. There definitely was not Forgiveness of Others or Forgiveness of Self phases used. Rather everything was mixed in together. The way you have it becomes fool proof.
Freda Kreiner, LCSW, Certified Hypnotherapist - New York

This course was worth every penny spent. I thought I was coming to learn how to better serve clients, what I got was so much more - 7th Path! I am transforming right before my eyes. So, now I know that I can and will be effective with my clients and I look forward to seeing them transform right before my eyes. Cal is an amazing trainer, I enjoyed his energy and enthusiasm. Cal's systematic approach makes sense and builds confidence in handling whatever comes up with a client.
Shauntay Williams, Certified Hypnotherapist - New York

I found the course given in such a way that most anyone could understand what is going on. It is empowering to be instructed by someone who has a passion for his subject. It makes the student want to learn.
James E. Walker, Jr. Certified Hypnotherapist - New York

The course was excellent as was the instructor. The course delivered so much more than I expected. Being exposed to 7th Path has allowed me to explore feelings which I had believed for some time to be held in check. Knowing that I hadn't released all the feelings that I thought I had was a real eye opener.
Michael Anthony Hurley, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist - New Jersey

Great - Lots of good stuff. The structure led us along and made it easy to follow. Cal has a style that I like and it feels right to be here. Thanks Cal.
Bill Lukas, BA, Certified Hypnotherapist - New York

Excellent!!! Plus. Plus. Plus. Okay, I wish you had a bigger TV screen [in the classroom], but I also wish I drove a Mercedes coupe.
John Petrocelli, BS, Certified Hypnotherapist - New York

I came expecting to learn a lot in order to integrate the new information with what I had. I leave expecting to model the 5-PATH and 7th Path exactly as taught. Cal Banyan is very organized, energetic, understanding and patient, educator. He gives the student a relaxed atmosphere to learn, inducing optimum learning.
Garrett Buttel, MA, Certified Hypnotherapist - New York

Finally, an instructor that actually puts everything together in an easy to learn and comprehensive manner. I now believe that I will be able to retain everything I've learned and help my clients in a more positive and systematic approach to ensure that everyone gets the change they want and deserve.I WILL RECOMMEND CAL TO EVERYONE!!
Michael R. Bosche, Certified Hypnotherapist - New York

I wish this course was either twice as long or that a Level III was available in the future. This course is a guide to success. The instructor truly cares about the students' success.
Eugene Goldstein, Certified Hypnotherapist - New York

Cal Banyan is a phenomenal instructor and coach. I gained a tremendous number of new skills allowing me the flexibility and creativity to practice the craft of hypnotherapy successfully!
Clifton C. R. Foreman, Certified Hypnotherapist - New York

Congratulations to Cal Banyan for a wonderfully succinct and comprehensive class. He demonstrates a level of professionalism that is unparalleled. His teaching style is very effective. He is warm and compassionate with tremendous clinical skills. It was a very rewarding class and well worth every penny.
Walter Blick, MS, OTR/L, Certified Hypnotherapist - New York

That was a VERY pleasant surprise to hear from you personally! The comments on my testimonial were all honestly heart-felt and richly deserved. I’ve worked with several clients since I got back and feel a major shift in what I’m doing -- my confidence, excitement about the work, clarity of direction the therapy needs to take, etc. I’m amazed by the impact the training had on me. Where were you when I first started doing this stuff in 1991???.
Warm wishes,

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